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Stroleny Law, P.A. – Robbery Charges and the Importance of Criminal Defense Law Firms

The burglary offense is a felony in every U.S. jurisdiction. A suspect can be charged with a misdemeanor of the first, second or third degree, based on when the suspected crime happened, and whether a firearm was used. You may want to check out Stroleny Law, P.A. for more. The common, agreed concept of the crime is when a individual intentionally and unlawfully takes money or properties from another by the use of coercion, attack, aggression or intimidation. People who are threatened with it will promptly approach law firms for criminal defense. Here’s the explanation.


There are five different types of the offense in most State rules. The least severe penalty includes snatching unexpectedly, which is where a pickpocket or purse snatcher takes money or goods from the body of someone. Usually, if he does not use a knife to do so, a suspect is convicted for a third-degree crime. In certain cases, once sentenced, a court may grant any variation of the following: up to $5,000 in restitution, up to 5 years’ probation, or up to 5 years in jail.

Under U.S. state statute, the other four forms of burglary are theft with a lethal weapon, burglary with a handgun, home invasion theft, and carjacking. All of them are felonies of first degree which entail minimum sentences and/or fines if convicted. For example, a theft conviction using a lethal weapon will result in any variation of the two in several states: up to $10,000 in restitution, up to 30 years’ probation, or up to 30 years imprisonment.


With the exception of murder, one of the more serious crimes on the books is theft using some sort of firearm. The arms don’t have to be used with abuse or coercion to hold to the charges; it’s enough to only own it during the crime. In certain jurisdictions, while possessing a weapon, a criminal could even be charged with an extra crime. If convicted, a court must issue a mandatory minimum jail term.

Whatever the degree, the crime is a severe affair. Most certainly, a arrest would result in prison time as well as financial fines that are debilitating. Not to mention the fact that it would sit forever on the record and may make it tough to find a employment. Yeah, some businesses are able to employ ex-cons, but when it comes to candidates who have been accused of a severe violation they are much less accommodating.

Get Professional Help!

If you have been convicted of theft, or anyone you meet, time is the key. The State is currently preparing its lawsuit, and will be ready when the date of court arrives. It also needs time to plan a good theft defense. Law firms in criminal prosecution must recruit trained staff, evaluate facts, trials and question witnesses.

Possible Protections

Any situation is something special. Yet one reality stays constant — humans are not flawless. Witnesses sometimes commit errors, and may be wrongly convicted or misidentified with the incorrect party. As such, an accomplished solicitor should also search for contradictions between testimonials and witness accounts. He will also be willing, via the plea negotiation phase, to obtain a reduced penalty for other suspects.