How to Trim Your Hardware Costs With Server Virtualization

If you run a company, you have to deal with a lot of important costs. Many of the greatest costs associated with your company are in the technology arena, and cutting those costs will slash your business expenses and give you more money to spend back in your business and its operations. Have a look at server costs for more info on this.

You have a number of important fixed costs for any server you buy to bring into your business. Each server you deploy requires extra storage space, as well as people to manage, automate and troubleshoot. You will need the space to store the server, whether it’s a dedicated server room or some other safe location. You will need a lot of air conditioning service to keep those servers cool, because computer hardware can produce a lot of heat while operating.

All those costs rapidly add up, and that can high the operation’s profitability and productivity. Worse still, the processes it runs only use just a small amount of the available resources on each of those servers, meaning that as many as 90 percent of the money you spend on that costly equipment may be lost.

Thankfully, your hardware and your software needs are now properly handled. This is called server virtualization and it is now used by many businesses to reduce their costs and increase the performance of their systems. You can run only one program on any piece of hardware with a standard server. So you can run three, four, five or more servers on the same physical box with server virtualisation. It is easy to see how server virtualization will reduce the cost of the hardware, and why so many smart companies are using it to reduce the amount of resources they need to run.

The hardware costs themselves are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to cost savings associated with server virtualization. Although the cost of purchasing the physical server is significant, server costs have dropped in recent years, and it is anticipated that they will continue to decline for the foreseeable future. The main cost savings associated with virtualization have to do with the infrastructure and the resources that each of those servers needs to operate

Using more servers requires having to hire more employees to solve and handle problems. IT talent doesn’t come cheap, whether you’ve used outsourced services from third parties or in house workers. You not only have to contend with the cost of the wages but also the cost of the benefits. With virtual server technology, the number of servers you need can be reduced by up to 80%, which in effect decreases the staff you need to manage.

Less servers often mean less rooms, so you can make the most of your existing server room and avoid costly and risky moves. When introducing a virtual server solution, you can also save money on air conditioning costs and that will in effect help the business save money by going green. Green technology is important, and nothing greener than a single server does the job five used to do.