Sex Has a Positive Sense of Fatigue

Fatigue is a protective effect which is inevitable, normal, physical recovery. Fatigue a cycle of adaptation, as people familiar with sports fatigue, work fatigue, adaptation and customary method, sexual tiredness will be familiar with, adjusted to, and behaviors will naturally come to couples who have been living together for years. You may want to check out Kostenlose Daynia Pornos for more. If this self-induced tiredness triggered by psychological torment between husband and wife, it will affect family unity and physical and mental health of the couple.

Sexologists have said “dull people” who entered the time of fatigue are natural because living together for many years, “fatigue” is an objective fact. The most important thing then is how to tackle this. How to restore emotions among couples, as well as foster sex growth, enjoy sex, will become an important topic in modern urban populations. Basically, is a feasible way to solve the problem.

For high job pressure speed of life tension partners, in sex before you want more, cordial talk to interact. Pouring off pressure is a successful process, “sex” naturally on the back when the pressure is released.

Far too long between husband and wife get along “fatigued,” resulting in “sex” Fun boring couples should first build a pleasant environment before sex, away from work, the subject of life, turn a sense of communion, an abandonment of the “dedicated” kind fulfill their responsibilities, to enjoy engaging in the sex of each other.

How to clean male sex organs most scientific genital cleaning, we believe the conventional definition involves only females regular vulva cleaning, it’s not true, male friends often do vulva cleaning.

Scrotum, penis skin folds much more sweat glands secretion heavy, particularly poor ventilation, ventilation wear synthetic underwear makes the situation worse, so lots of sweat, residual urine, feces not wipe residue, after the couple left intercourse female sexual secretions and semen etc. contaminate the whole penis, scrotum and perineal region. These conditions are very conducive to bacteria and other microorganisms, if not clean, the smell would not be the only thing that is not conducive to skin care. The elderly have reduced immunity due to thinning of the skin, not just the perineum, and thighs on both sides may appear as a tendency of erosion. Men themselves can also cause localized illness, such as penile cancer, scrotal inflammation, jock itch, and so forth. If these infected substances and micro-organisms contact the female vagina during sex it can affect the vagina’s cleanliness, or even cause infection. So men should develop good habits with warm water in the lower body before going to bed, be careful not to use warm water. It can not be overlooked to wash the lower body, not a mere formality, or they might be less effective or even counterproductive.

Generally easy to understand clean series, first wash the genitals, anus wash, then after anal basin of water the same can not be washed to wash the reproductive organs again. Dry series above talk of preparing a towel by yourself, not mixing towels and feet.Cawan wash towel with clean water, dry on time.